Why Yoga With Us?


Yoga & Fitness Regime Classes

If you are keen on pursuing a healthy regime, our yoga classes will provide you with the perfect opportunity. Yoga strengthens your body, improves your posture and balance and also increases your flexibility. Yoga also firms up all the joints in your body, including your hips, knees and ankles. With our yoga classes, you will also be able to eliminate chronic problems, which will affect you in the long-term.

Our yoga classes will also put a stop your pre-mature ageing, as yoga tones muscles, especially muscles that are weak or flaccid. With effective exercising of your tendons and ligaments, your joints will also improve their lubrication, thus reducing joint pain.

Another important benefit of yoga is the reduction in weight. With yoga, you will be able to practice a deep relaxation of your body and mind, thus enabling you to de-stress and lose weight naturally.

Though our yoga classes offer various physical health benefits, they also offerpsychological benefits that improve your self-confidence and relieve you of unnecessary tension. Our trained yoga instructors will help you release anxiety, thus forming an internal connection with yourself. This self-awareness will also enable you to gain a better perception of others, thus improving your relationship with people. Yoga also boosts oxygen to your brain, thus enabling you to feel more healthy and content with life.

If you are looking for a hip and fun movement aside Yoga, join our Zumba class and integrate yourself with the latest music as you dance & sweat all your way out.